AI2FUTURE 2 unConference days / 16 speakers / 4 workshops
Great little Conference on Artificial Intelligence!

October 11th and 12th, 2018, AlgebraLAB, Zagreb, Croatia
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Sessions & Workshops

All sessions will feature a cutting edge thinking about Artificial Intelligence and Applied Robotics. Workshops will give you more insights into the fascinating world of AI!



Learn how Artificial Intelligence is driving Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions. Find out what is happening and understand how this can be used in your own environment.

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Learn what are Conversational Interfaces and how Artificial Intelligence is driving new ways of communications that use conversations with text, audio or voice.

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Tools &


What tools, platforms, development toolkits you can use to learn and develop some interesting AI solutions? Where to start and what to learn? What about communities and individuals?

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Legal & Ethics

What about future state of AI related to legal and ethics? Should we regulate AI and limit its advancement? Should we be afraid of the AI or should we let is blossom?

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Business of


Understand how you can leverage the promise of AI and understand the disruption – learn how to apply AI to your industries and practices, and move AI science to actual business projects.

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Meet the


Meet-face-to face with others that are following the AI field and listen to the thought leaders. If you are AI company, learn about education, hiring, and career opportunities for AI practitioners.

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Meet the Organizing Committee

We are always featuring best of the best on specific topic – please expect that we will have a lineup of international experts that have something to say on Artificial Intelligence!

co-chair Jan Šnajder

co-chair Bojan Jerbić

Davor Runje

Ratko Mutavdžić
Microsoft Corporation

co-chair Marcus Schatten

co-chair Leo Mršić

Location: AlgebraLAB

Location of the conference is AlgebraLAB, Ilica 242, 10000 Zagreb

Top Partner

Microsoft Corporation: We believe in what people make possible. Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


Sweet Partners:
KRAŠ Dorina


ALGEBRA.LAB, EVENTA01, DRAP.AGENCY. “Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquests.“, by Charles Lindbergh


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2. August 2018.

Napokon i ono što ste očekivali – počela je organizacija AI2FUTURE 2018 konferencije koja će se ove godine održati 11. i 12. 10. 2018 u novim prostorijama AlgebraLAB kolektiva! Za sada, ako imate želju, prijavite se sa svojom temom kao potencijalni predavač ili jednostavno zabilježite ovaj datum u svoje kalendare te … više informacija odmah […]
28. October 2017.

Umjetna inteligencija izaziva globalni interes kao malo koje tehnološko područje. Bilo da se radi o poslovnoj zajednici, političkim silama ili običnim ljudima svi žele razumjeti kao će ovo područje promijeniti svijet i njihove živote u nadolazećem razdoblju. No kako se razvoj uglavnom događa tamo gdje postoji poslovni interes i resursi razgovarali smo o umjetnoj inteligenciji […]
13. October 2017.

Mark Torr, Microsoft: Microsoft was Top partner on first conference in Croatia on business application of Artificial Intelligence. Conference was a huge success with more than 250 attendees and some great business cases presented on stage.

Photo Gallery from the Conference!

We had a great conference and amazing number of very engaged attendees! Obviously, the topic of Artificial Intelligence is hot, there is many areas yet to be discovered, and it does not have to be all very technical and hard to understand: our speakers did a great job of explaining the topics to the wide audience with many interests – just as we wanted to do! Thank you all and see you on the next Meetup or Conference next year!