AI2FUTURE2020 – 2 days, 20+ moving & inspiring discussion and presentations

15th & 16th of October 2020, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia, LIVE & VIRTUAL

Danijel Temraz

Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer

Danijel Temraz is Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer in Infobip leading team which is working on NLP/AI capabilities on Chatbot project.

Previously he worked on grey routes prevention; a business fraud taking huge chunks of revenue from telecoms and their partners.
Danijel designed and implemented solution backed with machine learning and classic computer science which in real time autonomously blocks sim cards participating in these frauds.

Danijel is mentoring Princeton University Algorithms, Part I MOOC at Coursera platform.




We will give an overview of Chatbot project in Infobip and describe some of the challenges we ran into and technical decisions we made.

Finally, we will wrap up with the results that we got.