AI2FUTURE2022 – 2 days, 40+ moving & inspiring discussion and presentations

13th & 14th of October 2022, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia
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Davor Andrić

World Wide Technology Leader for Autonomous Vehicles

As a CTO, he founded Robotic Drive, the Autonomous Driving Platform on Virtual Private Cloud at DXC and Luxoft, growing the AV business from a few thousand to millions. Over the past 20 years, I have worked in technology, software, data, and consulting.

His expertise is designing and building scalable data-driven platforms for AV, ML, and AI and building service products on those platforms.  His passions are in solving complex problems and making things works. Hi is a technologist with a rare fusion of analytics, enterprise architecture, development, and technology know-how. Davor brings the experience of directly working with customers, including the enterprise corporate world and government. Hi, brings two worlds together, creative, curious Croatian and conscientious and accurate German. These two nationalities are different and not easy to harmonize, and that’s often a bit of a challenge, but they make him valuable.



How to scale intelligence of fully autonomous vehicles?

Can autonomous driving replace human driving behaviour, and how? This talk addresses related challenges and autonomous vehicle technology, addresses intelligent and autonomous decision-making, and shows what a few of these capabilities may look like.


  1. The goals of autonomous vehicles (AV)
  2. How to build the autonomous driver?
  3. How to scale the intelligence of the AI driving agent system?
  4. What does it take to develop a better driver?
  5. Q & A