AI2FUTURE2023 – 2 days, 50+ moving & inspiring discussion and presentations

19th & 20th of October 2023, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia

Ivan Biliškov


Ivan Biliškov is the CEO of the development company Codeasy, and the founder of an AI startup, Necogi. He is an expert in software and artificial intelligence. He has shown his dedication to innovation and the enhancement of industry standards through a variety of projects. His career is marked by numerous successes, including the launch of innovative projects such as CultureConnect.
As he continues to work on his doctoral thesis in the field of artificial intelligence, his company, Codeasy, is establishing itself as an innovator in the implementation and application of AI technologies.



From Words to Images: The Rise of Transformers in Vision Tasks

What happens when a model built for language dives into the realm of vision? The answer is a transformative change in the field of computer vision. This presentation explores the compelling journey of transformers as they expand from text-based tasks to interpreting and understanding visual content. Dive deep into the architectural intricacies and get a glimpse of how transformers are reshaping our understanding of visual data processing.