AI2FUTURE2023 – 2 days, 50+ moving & inspiring discussion and presentations

19th & 20th of October 2023, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia

Jozo Džakula

Chief Information Officer

An accomplished IT professional with over two decades of dedicated service in the dynamic landscape of a major retail organization. A graduate of FER (Zagreb University) and a recipient of executive education from MIT Sloan School of Management.

With a stellar career, this visionary leader has consistently delivered innovative solutions and spearheaded transformative projects, revolutionizing technology integration within retail stores and optimizing core business processes. A proven track record of excellence, they are the driving force behind the company’s technological evolution and continued success.



Shopping with AI

We will explore the future of retail by unveiling of our experiences with Konzum Smart.

Step into the future of shopping with ‘Shopping with AI,’ where we take you on an immersive journey through a newly opened smart shop. Discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the retail landscape, offering a glimpse behind the curtain to reveal the innovative technologies and processes that are transforming the way we shop. Join us as we demystify the magic of AI in retail and showcase the exciting changes that are enhancing the shopping experience for our consumers.