AI2FUTURE2022 – 2 days, 40+ moving & inspiring discussion and presentations

13th & 14th of October 2022, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia

Juraj Malenica

Head of Engineering

Juraj is a software engineer focused on developing complex AI solutions. He has years of experience in building stable and scalable systems, organizing engineering teams to solve real-world problems and bridging the gap between the engineering world and product world. He currently serves as Head of Engineering at Mindsmiths.



Building AI-first apps – tips & tricks

Every ten years, there is a shift in how people interact with technology, from web-first to mobile-first, then to app-first, and now to AI-first. Every transition has its own early adopters who reap the benefits and laggards who are left behind. From an engineering perspective, this lecture will explain what’s new in AI-first and give tips on how to get started.