AI2FUTURE / 2 unConference days / 16 speakers / 4 workshops

October 05th – 06th, 2017, Zagreb, Croatia
Head of Data Science Department, STYRIA Digital Services Marko Velić

Head of Data Science Department, STYRIA Digital Services

Business manager for innovative projects in high-tech industries. 10 years of experience in innovating and turning technology innovations into products on the market.Computer scientist with focus on the research of artificial intelligence – machine learning methods. Academic background and technical expertise combined with entrepreneurship experience and business skills.
Ability to implement cutting edge science into business cases in a real-world environment.

Decade of experience in business in one of the toughest economies in Europe. Developed soft skills and outstanding performance in presenting complex concepts and ideas to general public. Raised significant funding for various innovation/R&D projects, mostly from private sector companies. University college professor and mentor.

Specialties: Innovation (including writing software patents), Project Management, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence



Styria Data Science department established in 2015. delivers state-of-the-art machine (deep) learning R&D to Styria’s news and classifieds brands. Utilizing the latest technology and strong data portfolio, artificial intelligence is incorporated into modern media services and products. Deep learning in the field of computer vision is resulting with the stunning performance in object detection and recognition in the recent years.



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There are many sessions and workshops at the conference, please select the ones that are great for you, but please also reserve some time for networking and meeting other great people.


Challenges and Pitfalls of Modern Deep Learning Computer Vision Models

Presentation will deal with evolution of Computer Vision models (from hand-crafted to powerful deep learning), High dependency on training dataset distribution and problems with 3rd party CV APIs, Practical examples of distribution specific classifiers, Adversarial attacks on Deep Learning models, Issues on the examples of self-driving vehicles and Practical examples of adversarial attack for face detection/recognition.

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