AI2FUTURE / 2 unConference days / 16 speakers / 4 workshops

October 05th – 06th, 2017, Zagreb, Croatia
Cloud Services Director, Central Eastern Europe, Microsoft Corporation

Ratko Mutavdžić

Driving the communities around Artificial Intelligence, Corporate Innovation, Robotics, Drones and UAV, Data Science etc. by night. By day, average corporate executive solving the big problems around the world.

Ratko Mutavdžić is Director, Cloud Services for Public Sector in Central Eastern Europe, with Microsoft. He was working on several managment position in Microsoft, driving solution developments Public Sector, starting in a consulting practice and then leading several different sales and technology teams. Currently he is working on a number of Open topics, like Open Government and Open Innovation, enabling them through the use of cloud platforms and technologies, where he research the methodologies and frameworks on how to deliver more efficient and sustainable ways to introduce concepts of openness into different elements of citizen, organizational and government activities.

Currently driving Innovation and incubation projects for Public Sector in 33 countries in CEE and influencing a little bit more.

He is the author of number of published papers on different aspects of the technology, successful blogs on new technologies, change and transformation and active contributor in a number of social networks exploring the use and advance of new ways to connect and share innovation and invention.




How do we utilize AI to solve some problems at the corporations? What type of problems can AI help to solve? How do we organize ourselves to utilize AI advantages? Now these are the questions that most of the executives, at different companies, ask themselves when they think or read about the AI. Ratko thinks that we should talk about those and the presentation (probably on unConference part) will be organized around these questions.



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Sessions and Workshops

There are many sessions and workshops at the conference, please select the ones that are great for you, but please also reserve some time for networking and meeting other great people.


AI for the CEO

Lets say you are important CXO at your company. And you are trying to understand what type of problems this AI can solve for you, or what type of new value it can bring to your business. And that is the topic of this sessions – what should you, as an leader in the company, know about AI.

Ratko expects that there will be people in the audience that will be part of the leadership or management in their own company, and wants to share his experiences of explaining the AI to the execs around the world, but also to present some AI values in the language that is easy to understand.

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