AI2FUTURE central CroAI event.
Two days conference in October.
Place where AI experts and enthusiasts meet and build the future

Some hints on what is happening…

About the Future!

The main topic of this conference is Artificial Intelligence. AI is the future, and now you don’t have an excuse not to come. Don’t miss out on what the future is about.







AI Startup pitch

AI community

We are growing

CroAI is the most important community in Croatia for organizations and professionals wanting
to make Croatia a leading destination for exploring how human-centric AI innovation can benefit humanity, as well as help everyone, understand how they can benefit from AI and build a business strategy around the most influential technology in the 21st century.


Great – so you are coming to the Conference! Let us help with a few logistic and infrastructure details on where to sleep, where to eat, where is the Conference and stuff like that.



If you are coming from outer space, or just need to sleep somewhere after the long day and even longer night. Or just in case, you never know.

Find room


KRAŠ Auditorium

We are always looking for a great place where participants will feel welcome and relaxed. Can you think of a better place to do so than the best Croatian chocolate factory?

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