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October 17th 2024, Zagreb, Croatia
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CroAI startup pitch


Previous winners  and Cidrani secured more then 2,5M euro investment.

Apply and secure the future!

Secure the future with your AI startup by applying to CroAI’s startup pitch event. Our event is designed to provide early-stage AI startups with a unique opportunity to showcase their talent to investors, business owners, and the entrepreneurial community. We are searching for the most promising regional AI startups to connect them with angel investors, VC funds, and corporate partners.

This event offers an excellent platform for AI-focused startups to position themselves among experts in the field. Ten selected companies will have the privilege of presenting their innovative ideas to a distinguished panel of high-profile investors and corporate leaders.

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your AI startup to new heights and secure your future. Apply now to be a part of this exclusive event.


Apply until 15th of September

All submissions will be evaluated by experts who will assess the market potential of your product or service, as well as its fit within the AI industry and the impact that our support could have on your business.

In addition, applicants must be prepared to pitch their ideas in public and submit their pitch and application in English. However, there’s no need to worry since you will receive pitch mentorship from the best mentors in Croatia.

Submissions are free.

Unlock the value of our program with:

VISIBILITY: We will promote your success story through CroAI’s online and offline channels, giving your business valuable exposure.

NETWORKING: Our program provides a comprehensive suite of tools that startups need to expand and grow, including access to investors, mentors, and corporates.

AI2FUTURE TICKET: As a prize, the winners will receive a ticket to a 2-day conference.

In addition, all finalists will benefit from significant exposure and have the opportunity to win the PITCH trophy. Regardless of the final vote, all CroAI startup pitch finalists are winners.”

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