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October 15th and 16th, 2020, Zagreb, Croatia
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CroAI startup pitch


CorAI startup pitch is an event designed to get AI startups in front of investors, business owners, and entrepreneurial community. We are looking for best regional AI early-stage startups with a goal to enable them the opportunity to show their chops and connect with angel investors, VC funds and corporate partners.

If your focus is on AI this is a great opportunity to position yourself and your startup among experts.

10 selected AI companies will be invited to an exclusive event to pitch in front of a jury of high-profile corporates and investors.


Apply until 15th of September

All submissions will be evaluated by experts. We will examine the market and potential of your product or service. We will also consider the fit of your product or service to AI area and the impact our support could have on your business.

In addition, you must be prepared to pitch in public. Pitch and application must be done in English. And do not worry, you will receive pitch mentorship from the best mentors in Croatia.

Submissions are free.


VISSIBILITY We will communicate your success and share your story through CroAI on- and offline channels generating valuable exposure for your business.

NETOWRKING In one environment, all the tools a startup needs to expand and gain exposure. Investors, mentors, corporates, etc.

AI2FUTURE ticket – prizes include ticket to a 2 day conference.

There is no money — but there is a ton of exposure, and a PITCH trophy. Every CroAI startup pitch finalist has already won, whether the judges vote for them as their winner or not.

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