CroAI meetup

October 18th / 6 PM / Zavrtnica 17
CroAI Offices, Zavrtnica 17

Day 0 – Oct 18


Join us for the

CroAI Meetup on how to start AI projects in Zagreb.

We’re thrilled to invite you to DAY 0 of #AI2Future – the CroAI Meetup on “How to Start AI Projects in Zagreb.“ This event is your gateway to the exciting world of artificial intelligence, right here in Zagreb. Join us and gain invaluable insights from industry experts.

Our distinguished speakers will share their knowledge on various aspects, including opportunities for startups and companies, the city’s support initiatives, and suggestions for improving the ease of starting a business in Zagreb.

This meetup serves as the perfect prelude to the two exciting days of #AI2Future that follow. It’s an ideal opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, expand your network, and gather the insights you need to embark on your AI journey.

Let’s come together and shape the future of AI!

Speakers Lineupć-Health-Hub-001-2.jpg?resize=160%2C160&ssl=1
CEO & Founder @ Health Hub – think tank for healthcare

Anita Galić

Experienced in international affairs and EU policies and diplomacy related to healthcare, digital transformation, innovation, life science industry, youth engagement and consumer protection. Experienced in governmental / public policy affairs, EU public health policies, healthcare / eHealth consulting, international business missions and multi-stakeholder engagements on national and international level. Dedicated for many years to the vision of healthier future of Europe and EU of innovations.
Head of IT and Technical Service, City of Zagreb

Dražen Lučanin

Prior to working as a Head of IT in Zagreb, he ran the IT agency Punk Rock Dev, co-founded the startup CloudFleet and worked as a project assistant at TU Wien in the field of energy efficiency of data centers.
Head of IoT & Digital Health, Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Mario Ravić

He led product development and market introduction for medical product Ericsson Mobile Health (MDD 2A) used for remote patient monitoring on the global market. For the last nine years he is actively involved in commercial and research digital health projects worldwide. In Internet of Things business area he is leading IoT data management platform R&D for IoT projects in different industries.
Business Consultant

Vlado Rendulić

Experience in the field of business agility, crisis management, interdepartmental cooperation, data and information processing and preparation of reporting assessments and analyses. Former member of the APIS IT Board for the information systems of the Tax and Customs Administration and other public registers.

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It is not just the most important conference about Artificial Intelligence in Croatia, it is also a great place where you can meet and greet people that are having the same interests as you! So, you will have networking opportunity to start the discussion and Networking Zone, where you can sit and chat with them.

Meet the


Some great speakers and moderators are coming your way! You will learn a ton from the presentation, but they are open to networking and your direct questions in the network zone.

Meet the speakers