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Antonio Matušan

Product Manager at

Antonio Matušan is a Product Manager at, an AI company that is creating a world without boring jobs. And he’s contributing by making sure the market gets products that can take repetitive tasks away from people and help them make their everyday lives easier.



Rulify: Rule your inbox 

And don’t let it be the other way around.

Despite all other modern communication methods, email is not going anywhere. Many people receive a vast amount of information through emails on a daily basis. And there are two options. Information is left to no use, or the person gets drowned in it. To help people efficiently go through emails and make use of them, a middleman is developed.

The middleman’s name is Rulify – an AI-powered personal email butler that sorts and processes emails. Reducing the need for manual work by using Outlook rules. Supercharged. If you want to see how this thing can make emails easier to handle, come and listen to Antonio, he may surprise you with some simple but mindblowing facts.