AI2FUTURE2022 – 2 days, 40+ moving & inspiring discussion and presentations

13th & 14th of October 2022, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia

Florin Dzeladini

Co-founder and blockchain lead at DeepSquare & SquareFactory co-founder

Dr Florin Dzeladini is a passionate engineer with background in intelligent systems, robotics, AI, blockchain. Flo loves building things, since forever. Passionate about life and science with a keen interest in robotics and programming. Florin graduated a PhD in robotics and intelligent systems. The knowledge and know-how he accumulated over the years, in particular in AI, led to Florin being founding member of the Alpine Intuition and Cohesive Computing envisioning the future of the company’s technological development. After that, together with the same team, Florin decided to start a new project, DeepSquare focused on building a decentralised cloud ecosystem with a mission to free Data Scientists, AI engineers, artists, builders, innovators from the hardware related hussle and create an environment that enables them to shine at what they do best. Florin is also a blockchain expert who started his blockchain journey in 2017 together with a bunch of enthusiastic people, excited by the blockchain and its premises. They kick started Alpine Mining, a GPU mining company. This project grew and the team ended up building and operating a 40k GPU data center in Sweden. Flo and the team decided to take a step back seeing the advances PoS blockchain were making and understanding that people can do much more than mining with GPUs. They used the money made in Alpine Mining to seed fund 2 sister companies. One was Alpine Intuition focusing on AI SASS and services helping companies unleash the power of AI. The other one was Cohesive Computing that was building on top of the infrastructure know how build at Alpine Mining while adding a compute edge and sustainability vision. These two companies were later merged into SquareFactory (for profit private company) and the team created along side a community project called DeepSquare (non profit association). The goal is to create a Professional Distributed Compute Grid. The mission that project has is to join forces with all smaller scale actors in the cloud space (tier2 cloud providers, research centers super computer, utility companies) to create an interoperable compute layer allowing all those partners to join forces to create a community answer to big tech giants in the cloud space. The project offers transparency and choice to users. The vision is decentralization up to the root.



PRESENTATION DeepSquare: Infinite computer resource scaling at your fingerprint.

The presentation will introduce the audience to the DeepSquare project its history, current status and future development. DeepSquare is a decentralised meta-cloud focusing primarily on highly intensive compute application such as AI. Our mission is to build the first true collaborative compute meta-cloud with a high performance focus to unleash the power of AI and run the most demanding applications. We are creating a distributed unstoppable and resilient grid to foster next generation technologies.

WORKSHOP Artificial intelligence: from research to product

Any web developer should be able to integrate AI in his app without requiring neither AI nor Dev ops skills.

The advances in artificial intelligence are all over the place. No day passes without seeing a new AI model in action. AI has the potential to solve many real life problems in health, environment, energy, services… You can be part of this revolution!

  1. During this workshop you will build an AI powered web-app. At the end of the workshop you will be able:
  2. Choose existing available AI model on existing repositories (such as hugging face) and deploy it using isquare (
    Integrate this deployed model in a web-app.

Material required: A laptop (preferably running a Linux operating system, although this is not mandatory

Target audience:

  • Web/App developer both frontend and backend
  • ML engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Designer