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14th & 15th of October 2021, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatiać-2.jpg?fit=320%2C303&ssl=1

Ivan Anić

Data scientist



How are we being manipulated by social media bots?

On the one hand, there are seemingly benign-behaving bots used for alteration of TV and webshop’s review scores or Instagram like-bots which amplify content reach. But on the other hand, bots are being used for a myriad of malicious purposes, ranging from steering public opinion and influencing presidential election outcomes, spreading propaganda and misinformation, causing panic in emergency situations, or even influencing the stock market. Emotions on social media are contagious, and humans generally have a subconscious desire for belonging. Without enough awareness, public opinion is, and will keep on being silently distorted right before our eyes. Let’s begin changing that!