AI2FUTURE2020 – 2 days, 20+ moving & inspiring discussion and presentations

15th & 16th of October 2020, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia, LIVE & VIRTUAL

Manja Bogicevic

Founder & CEO

Manja Bogicevic’s mission is to help Executives and Engineers to optimize production and minimize downtime with machine learning.

One of the first self-made women data science entrepreneurs in Serbia. She is Founder & CEO at that is specialized in empowering digitalization in the Energy sector.

She finished Mini MBA (Leader Project)  at Ivey Business School in London, Canada, and a BA at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Serbia.

She is an ex-professional tennis player and I have run 4 half-marathons and marathons in Belgrade.

Interests: Deep Learning, Machine learning, extreme sports, and travel.

Industries: Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Mining Industry and Food & Beverage



Practical Machine Learning present & future in Serbia 

Data is the past we look into to understand the present and the future. Data Science is a profession that first introduced the scientific method into the business. The ability to identify the real problem in the sea of data stands out. It all starts with carefully crafted hypotheses that can be overthrown. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will drive us to work and completely transform everything we know about our money, identity, and security.

We will talk about Serbia AI strategy, talents, real business uses cases with the use of machine learning and deep learning, and how and why to prepare for the future that will completely change.