AI2FUTURE2022 – 2 days, 40+ moving & inspiring discussion and presentations

13th & 14th of October 2022, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia
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Mateja Novaković

Data Scientist consultant

Mateja Novakovic earned her master’s degree in 2014 at the Faculty of Economics Zagreb majoring in Analysis and Business Planning and has a decade of experience in analytics, mainly in the financial industry. Due to major changes in the world of data, she has broadened her focus on data science. Consequently, she contributed to her expertise in the master’s program of Data Science at Algebra University College.

Her interests lie in finding wholesome solutions to the technical and business problems faced by large enterprises as well as small entrepreneurs. At the same time, she aims to promote the practice and benefits of data science aspects such as AI among professionals with non-technical backgrounds.



Improving Employee Retention with Predictive Analytics. Why do employees leave?
Employee retention is a common workforce management challenge with significant impact on organizations operational costs and productivity. In fact, according to various research studies nearly half of all employees will leave their organization within their first five years on the job. In this session we talk about how we address these issues by employing the power of predictive analytics.
We’ll take a look at why predictive analytics is an important tool for managing people strategy and how to use it to get a better sense of what matters most when it comes to retaining employees. We’ll show how our data-driven approach based on a machine learning model produces valuable actionable insights required to retain top talents in the team.