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15th & 16th of October 2020, Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia, LIVE & VIRTUALŠesto.jpg?fit=320%2C303&ssl=1
Magdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases

Nina Šesto

Director of Digital Health

Nina is a Director of Digital Health at Magdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Medicine and a CEO of Magdalena Investments Ltd., with more than 15 years experience in healthcare. She earned her Ph.D. in molecular biology at Pasteur Institute in Paris for which she was awarded the Jacques Monod Prize for research in medicine granted by the French Foundation.

Eager to accelerate translation of science to society, she earned an MBA from HEC and Wharton Business School specializing in entrepreneurship. Working as a consultant for Dana Farber Cancer Institute studying cancer treatment in sub-Saharan Africa, she fell in love with telemedicine, digital health and AI based solutions as a tool for scaling medical know-how, increasing efficiency and access to healthcare. In 2016, she became alumni of Singularity University Exponential Medicine.

In partnership with Mindsmiths technology company, Nina leads development and implementation of AI digital health in Magdalena Clinic as a laboratory, with a vision to reinvent the healthcare delivery, provide access to care for every patient and be the architect of the healthcare of tomorrow.




Megi is an emotionally intelligent virtual health care assistant who enables faster and easier diagnosis and more efficient treatment of hypertension. She was developed in collaboration with the Magdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases and the technology company Mindsmiths, which, using artificial intelligence, develops emotionally intelligent human-oriented AI solutions.